Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday links

Various things going on in blogland worth linking to:

Dave Walker has some new cartoons, including this one:

Cranmer links to a weekend story about Derby county council banning a Christian couple from being foster carers because of their beliefs.

Maggi Dawn wants to know what questions she should ask the AB of C and the AB of Y when she sees them this week. It sounds like an ongoing process, and there are lots of interesting questions already up there.

Naked Pastor has blogged a powerful series of cartoons, this is an incredible blog for the honesty and transparency of the blogger. Pray him through it.

Free Christian Resources has posted on his 'best free Chrisitan sites of 2007', sorry this is a bit of an old link (i.e. a month ago), but I guess it's still valid!

Sunday Papers is worth a look, if you've not visited before. He blogs on emerging church, mission, youth work and various other things. Good series running at the moment on 'questions to hold', as well as reflections on how the church can stay in mission mode, and whether what we're calling 'emerging church' or 'fresh expressions' is just like traditional church but with better PR.

Ruth Gledhill asked 'why do we believe in God' and has got a great range of responses, if you're into reading through lots of comments. She's also blogged on the application of Sharia law in Iran and what it means for people there.

The Britblog roundup, which is hosted on a different site each week, and is a weird and wonderful compendium of blogland, is worth a look this week. The host, Redemption Blues, uses the roundup as a peg for a lengthy essay on religion and society, before blasting off into the surveillance society, immigration, teenage sterilisation, and public toilets. There are extensive quotes from Jeremy Paxman and Kate Fox's excellent 'Watching the English' on the English attitude to faith and religion. I'm guessing, by the length of the post, that this blogger either has insomnia or a very very part-time job.

Finally the Beebs Oscar night report is here, and since Yeovil's cinema is finally showing There Will Be Blood, I might get round to seeing and reviewing it in the next week or two.

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  1. Thank you so much for the link, which is certainly appreciated!
    My job is unfortunately not part-time enough...
    I take my duty as host of the Roundup very seriously, so my family end up being severely neglected over hosting weekends (10 hours on Saturday, 11 on Sunday and from 7am until time of posting). That is about average.
    Glad that you like Kate Fox's excellent volume too - her observations are deadly accurate.