Thursday, February 07, 2008

Damaris and Culturewatch resources

A couple of links from Damaris - a UK based Christian organisation who study and reflect on popular culture: and

Here's the blurb:
These are new free websites from Damaris providing short downloadable videos that explore the issues raised by the latest films. They are fully integrated with which means that the downloadable videos are ideal for use in talks, discussion groups, school assemblies or lessons. They are also part of Youtube (see and so they can easily be republished on websites or blogs. Damaris is also providing a free monthly email service which will remind you of what videos they have produced and what films they plan to cover in the next month - so you can plan ahead for specific talks or discussion events (click here for details).

Whilst we're on links to video sites, here's another one: Wingclips, who offer free downloads from a number of top movies. They haven't got a massive library yet, but it looks like a developing site which it's worth checking in on.

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