Sunday, February 03, 2008

Research link

Thanks for Christian Research for this link to the National Statistics office stats on religion and related subjects.

Here's the Christian Research blurb on the site:

From the Office for National Statistics overview series Focus On, this particular edition looks at many aspects of Britain’s religious populations. Here you will find out that: Jews are the most likely to be self-employed, with Jewish men more likely to be working in banking, finance or insurance than men from other religions; a Hindu man is ten times more likely to be a medical practitioner than a Christian man and that Muslims are the most likely to have no educational qualifications. Young Muslims the most likely to be married, with those of no religion the least. Hindus and Sikhs are the least likely to be divorced, separated or re-married, with the most likely group being those of no religion followed by Christians. Muslims reported have the poorest health and the highest rate of disabilities, while Jews, Christians and the non-religious had the least. Sikhs are the most likely to own their own home, Buddhists the most likely to be renting privately, and Muslims the most likely to be living rent-free.

So now you know.

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