Thursday, February 14, 2008

All of a Flutter

“We expect industries to clean up their pollution,” he said. “The gambling industry is profoundly costly, its human pollution in terms of promoting addiction, destroying family life and so forth, is manifest. The gambling industry needs to take responsibility.”

Rowan Williams at the Synod debate earlier this week on gambling. Some frightening stats on how much we gamble - £40 bn a year - make it all the more welcome that the Manchester supercasino idea has been dropped. Well done Gordon Brown for putting it under review in the first place, and lets hear no more rubbish about 'regeneration'. A bizarre story in the news today, provoking a sparky phone in on 5 live, about a man who is suing his bookie for the fact he lost over £2m quid whilst gambling. He had asked them to close his account - I guess this is the gamblers equivalent of chopping up your credit cards - something they failed to do, making it easier for him to gamble on later occasions.

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