Saturday, December 08, 2007

Various Saturday links

Richard Frank has posted a review of the Golden Compass, expect one here next week. "So to start by addressing the burning issue, will this film bring down the Church as we know it? Well the simple answer is no."

The Bishop of London is now blogging, making 3 bishops at the last count (Bristol - starting to post regularly again after a slow period - and Buckingham are the others, though I may have missed some.)

Christmas Day, therefore, is welcomed by non-Christians as a time for the whole of society to focus on family and community values as well as the spiritual. so says Orthodox Jew Zaki Cooper in the Guardian and he continues many Jews and Muslims regard as a shame the declining religious content of Christmas, and its evolution into a more secular celebration. Worth a read, and thanks to Thinking Anglicans for their weekly roundup of Saturday columns for the link.

Dave Walker seems to be on a roll at the moment, I sense a 'Dave Walker guide to Advent and Christmas' as a sequel to his Guide to the Church.

In preparation for that unwanted Christmas gifts, why not read Mark Dever's 'how to give godly criticism' in 5 easy steps, namely:
1. Directly, not indirectly
2. Seriously, not humorously
3. As if it’s important, not casually
4. Privately, not publicly
5. Out of love for them, not to express your feeling or frustration

plenty to reflect on there.

Finally Ruth Gledhill has picked up on Extreme Pilgrim, the latest TV offering to satisfy the desire for quirky reality TV, along with the smaller, but by no means insignificant, appetite for TV shows dealing with spirituality (The Convent, The Retreat, The Monastery, etc.). There's also an interesting BBC3 take on the nativity currently showing in trailers on the telly - the Liverpool Nativity seems to be Merseysides answer to the Manchester Passion, and seeks to weave the city's music together with the nativity story. Being an analogue refugee, we don't have BBC3, but hopefully it'll turn up on proper TV some time soon.

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