Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Bigger Yes

The latest 'Touching Base' for The Wardman Wire:

Which of the following is the odd one out?

- Football

- Cricket

- Formula 1

- Horse Racing

The answer is Horse Racing - each of the other 3 is involved in an ongoing enquiry over some form of corruption, whilst the trial of Keiron Fallon and 2 other jockeys for race-fixing has just ended with an acquittal.

Of course it doesn't stop with sport. Canoeists, political donors, supermarkets, the whiff of financial corruption seems to be everywhere. Why?

It's been was fascinating to watch the section on Tony Blairs Christian faith in the recent 'The Blair Years' TV series. The most bemusing part was Menzies Campbells comment on Blairs faith:

click on the link at the top for the rest....

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