Sunday, December 16, 2007

Integrity, Part 1

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This is Me .. This is Me .. This is Me .. Ooops !
The fun bit of autobiographies is finding all those juicy details which were hushed up at the time, but are now owned up to in public. Duncan Fletcher’s cricketing memoir hogged the headlines for weeks with his revelations about drunken cricketers and behind-the-scenes rows, and The Blair Years showed us how well hidden Blair had kept the strength of his Christian faith and how devoutly he practiced it.

Shining A Light on The Other Face
We know that there is a hidden side to everyone. What we don’t know is whether that hidden side is better or worse than their public face. I vividly remember business meetings at a certain Somerset shoe company where people were unswervingly polite to each other during a meeting, then as soon as a particular marketing manager left they would be verbally ripped to shreds by those remaining. I had a big problem with this. It made it impossible to take anyone at face value, which in turn makes trust, and true friendship, a no-go area.

The film Jerry Maguire dramatises the same effect magnificently: Maguire (Tom Cruise) writes a radical proposal for his company, everyone claps him on the back and says how great he is; but once he is out of earshot they take bets on how quickly he’ll get fired. At the less glamorous end of the jobs market, in Brassed Off the miners talk tough about a strike but all vote for the redundancy pay.

Who am I ?
It’s even easier to be two-faced on the internet........ (to read the rest click here)

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