Monday, December 03, 2007

A few changes around here

The perceptive visitor will notice one or two changes recently:

- Links have been revised, with a few inert blogs removed, and some new ones added in

- Technoratic tags added: I couldn't find a way in Blogger to publish links down the side, so I've used a Technorati tool to do it, so that you can follow topics if you want to.

- More posts on the webpage: I seem to have been churning a lot of stuff out recently, so rather than go through lots of back pages you can now see the latest 12 posts here, rather than 7. I hadn't even realised until today how I could change this feature, so please don't ask me for any technical advice. If you do want technical advice on Blogger blogs, try Steve Tilley.

Any feedback would be appreciated....

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