Thursday, December 13, 2007

Integrity, part 2

No, you haven't missed part 1, it should be appearing on The Wardman Wire on Saturday. But having decided to write something on integrity, and the match between actions and words, I found myself in the following situation:

School Christmas party, asked to play Father Christmas. Finding myself in a 'grotto' (a well decorated cupboard), giving away selection boxes of choccies to kids from the local school. Part way through I looked at what I was giving away and discovered to my discomfort that they were made by Nestle, who for 30 years have been the subject of a boycott due to their unethical marketing of baby milk in the developing world.

So, two moral dilemmas in 1 cupboard. Not only was I decieving kids as to my true identity, I was giving them stuff made by a company partly responsible for the deaths of children in other parts of the world. Should I have bailed out?

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