Sunday, January 03, 2010

Who's Next?

Preview of the new Doctor Who series. Random notes:
1. After all of David Tennants agonising about whether or not to shoot anyone, there's a lot less moral agonising. Guns, fists, mallets, the new Doctor seems to like inflicting damage.

2. Swords, snogs, and jumping about in castles? Is this Doctor Who or Robin Hood (or Merlin)?

3. More Daleks (no brainer) and a few familiar characters from before - it will be hard to top Blink and the stone angels, but there they are.

4. 'Trust me, I'm the Doctor', the new writing team isn't afraid of corny lines. The preview is as much a marker of life after Tennant/Davies as it is a preview of a TV series. My main worry, seeing all this, is that it starts to become hard to tell apart from thing like Merlin, who also has a bony-jawed young man surrounded by damsels, swords and monsters on a Saturday afternoon.

But how dare they blow up a red telephone box! There are only 5 left in captivity, I'll have to check the one in Glastonbury to make sure it's still there.

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