Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Kids on the Blogroll

A few blogs which have caught my eye in the last week or two:

Out of the Cocoon. Welcome to the blogosphere Paul Walker, known to a few of us from Twitter, good start with a book review and some reflections on preaching. Look forward to reading more.

Postmodern Bible, Pete from CODEC who promises to blog daily on communication, technology and stuff like that. He also reports on one of the longest acronyms in the Northern Hemisphere.

Vic the Vicar a Deanery Missioner in Lichfield Diocese, plenty to say about mission action planning, and other mission issues.

Lesleys Blog superb - really well presented, well written, good thoughts, and she's linked me in the sidebar. Some good posts recently on Tory marriage policy, and first impressions of the blogosphere.

Want to be a Free Thinker but Still a Nice Person who draws attention to some very, um, interesting 'Christian' dance moves.

The Reluctant Ordained haven't quite worked out how to categorise this yet, so I won't. "until we let go of control and allow people to be ruled by the heart we will always be smothering something beautiful."

ArmyBarmy Remix which I think is something to do with the Salvation Army down under. Recent topics include love, breasts, and holiness: I've met many holy people. People who are completely sold out - no compromise left in them - they are submitted fully to the Lordship of Christ and they are the most fun, free and abandoned people I know - they live adventurous lives - they life full and large.

By the way, in case you're wondering why these aren't all immediately in the sidebar, there's a simple answer: laziness. Any blog I enjoy which is on Blogger and has one of those 'Follow' buttons can be added at the click of a mouse, and it is. The rest need at least 45 seconds work to cut and paste the links etc., and have to wait for one of my 'sorting out the blog' days, which occur, shall we say, infrequently.

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