Thursday, January 14, 2010

CAP Money Course

Good to hear that the Christians Against Poverty 'Money Course' will be running in lots of places around the country. We've teamed up with another local church to offer it from next week, after a pilot run in the autumn which worked very well.

Christian Today has more about the course, and CAP's work and vision.

“Whilst many in the UK are still reeling from the recession, we are convinced that, with the principles advocated in CAP Money, many will be saved from slipping further into debt, whilst picking up excellent financial skills that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.”

CAP has an ambitious plan to open 80 new debt counselling centres this year, in addition to its existing 112 centres. It is inviting churches to consider running CAP Money as part of their outreach within the local community.

Speaking to Christian Today recently, CAP Operations Director Kathryn Foster said the expansion reflected the scale of the need. “Sadly we don’t see the need lessening. We would love if it our debt management courses got so in the fabric of society that people didn’t need debt counselling any more but we’re a long way off that,” she said.

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  1. Thanks for this David.

    We looked into these courses are considering going to one near us. Our main reservation is that CAP require that the Church sign up to work with them and that includes a CAP Sunday once a year. They also require us to regularly donate to them (though as they say, it can be little for a couple of months)

    I just wondered what your thoughts might be on this given that we are paying for the training and course materials?

    We might also look into other Christian Debt courses such as Credit Action.