Saturday, January 16, 2010

When is a Plan Not a Plan?

Excellent post from Vic the Vicar! (his '!' not mine) on planning

As the Mission Action Plan season picks up speed (we need to revisit them and present them at our Annual church meetings) I would like to remind everyone else that they need looking at and revising where necessary. As I do I would like to remind you of the reality of planning church in that many who plan fail to plan success but merely plan to fail. If your plans are not realistic, not constantly revisited and not developed by long periods of praying then you're planning to fail. If you seek a church of one hundred and the reality is that you're experiencing a diminishing congregation than either God is falling you or you're merely sitting with eyes closed and fingers crossed hoping for a visit from the growth fairy!

What are you going to make your reality? Do you understand the needs of your community, know what they need and what you need to be 'Church' for them? Have you plans? If you do, when did you last revisit them?

Emphasis mine.

Anyone out there use Mission Action Plans? What's your experience of them? Or, to escape from the church context, any good/bad/other experiences of strategic planning in the workplace?

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