Sunday, January 10, 2010

Seen Elsewhere: atheists in strange places, attention-seeking, and Allah (or not)

Heresy Corner gives a brief run-down on the 13 people making up a new faith advisory council for the government.

David Hayward gets in touch with his inner atheist, so does Friendly Atheist, who asks if atheists have an inner theist. This is getting complicated.

Mark Meynell has an amazing visual of the 63,000 or so cross-references in the Bible. Good piece there also on how we make use of online sermons and worship. The problem with audio or even videos of sermons is that they can kid us into thinking we’re part of the church experience – when we’re far from it.

Carl Trueman on blogging and attention seeking:
We mediocrities struggle at a different level, hoping that our own petty contributions, irrelevant and ephemeral as they are, will be puffed and acknowledged by others; and, in a sense, there is nothing we can do about that. I am a man divided against myself; I want to be the centre of attention because I am a fallen human being; I want others to know that I am the special one; and as long as the new me and the old me are bound together in a single, somatic unity, I will forever be at war with myself

Dave Walker has a roundup of various responses to the clergy bullying stuff earlier in the week.

Archdruid Eileen wades into the moral stir-fry that is Celebrity Big Brother.

The Vicars Wife is collecting school prayers. So if yours has mysteriously vanished, she's probably got it.

Eddie Arthur has some good reflections on whether a Malay Christian can call God 'God' in their native tongue. Or 'Allah', as they would say.

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