Sunday, January 10, 2010

Les Isaacs Interview

Very powerful interview with Les Isaacs, founder of Street Pastors, on Radio 4 yesterday. It's quite powerful to find a bloke in contact with so much violence and darkness, who at the same time is so hopeful and optimistic about how people can change.

Had the first session of training for our new intake of Street Pastors yesterday, 17 of them from 8 different churches, plus input from the Mayor of Yeovil and the beat manager for the town centre. Very positive morning, and it looks like we've got enough (44) to do Friday and Saturday evenings every week from the spring.

Here's my attempt to embed the interview:


  1. Why not put it in the post?

    There are various players around.

    (See my email)

  2. The main reason, as you've guessed, is technical ineptitude. Thanks for the email, will give it a go....!