Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Understooded of the People

I'm currently drafting an A5 leaflet for Sunday explaining the Synod vote, and trying to put it in context. It's the 2nd one in 2 weeks, following GAFcon, I'm just hoping the Lambeth conference is relatively dull.

One of our jobs as local leaders is to help people understand what's going on - at one level it's easier to try and ignore it, and get on with the reality of mission and ministry in the parish. But it's in the news and on the TV and it's hard to avoid, so if we can equip our people to have an answer when folk quiz them down the pub, or in the office, or at the school gate, then it seems to me that that's part of our responsibility as church leaders.

If anyone else is doing this, or theres some good, simple online summaries, do let me know! I may post the results here in a day or two, in case they're any use to anyone. Part of me is reluctant to post it, because it's bound to be an oversimplification, and I don't really want to get drawn into an overheated debate.

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