Thursday, July 24, 2008

Supporting Dave: Thursday morning update

Richard Peat posted on the We Support Dave Walker Facebook group:

Couple of things that might be of interest:

I'm trying to maintain a collection of links to the relevant postings supporting Dave on FriendFeed at

For as and when the pages drop out of the Google cache, there are copies of the posts in my Evernote account at

I've not yet found anyone who's managed to salvage the comments as well as the posts, because these tell some of the story. The fact that SSG are currently the subject of union action might be behind their move, but if they wanted the evidence out of the public domain then that clearly hasn't worked....!!!

The Facebook group is up to 100 overnight, so we'll see what today brings.

Good to see that Dave has been able to carry on cartooning whilst all this is going on:

another one over at Bishop Alan's post today.

On the positive side, a new Christian bookshop may be opening in Cardiff, following the closure of the SPCK shop there. The story of the closure and some of the plans for the new shop are in the comments here, and suggest that SSG are past masters at giving people short deadlines to comply with unfair requests.

It might be worth someone copying all posts from the SPCK/SSG blog maintained by Phil Groom and others, just in case they've been issued with papers by the Brewers too. Phil is currently on holiday, so the posts are still up - for now. Or print them off and forward them to USDAW.


  1. The comments are in the Google cache as well. If you do a search like this which brings up pages you can go into each one through the cached links and the comments are there - just that they have to be pulled off one by one, so it will take a bit of time to work through - the exports that are being used currently are from Dave's summary pages.

  2. Thanks for the information about the bookshop in cardiff, I was aware.