Saturday, July 05, 2008

3 New Resources

1. Care for the Family are holding a 1-day autumn conference 'Engage', on outreach to the community through supporting families. It's being held in Nottingham & Cheltenham. More details via the link.

2. The CofE has a new resource on vocations (or 'whether God's calling you into church leadership', to de-Anglicanise it): Call Waiting. It's aimed at encouraging younger people to consider ordination - all the more vital in the light of the fact that less than 15% of people entering training are under 30 (and if you're that age, there's 6 years of training - 3 years at college, 3 as a curate, so most of them will be over 30 by the time they're given responsibility). There's a downloadable magazine with stories of younger people in ministry, and sections on what sort of people make good leaders, and the different ways in which ordained ministry can work.

3. Finally Fulcrum have put up a summary of GAFcon for PCC members, which is a good concise version of what's happened in the last few weeks, and some cautionary stuff to think about. We put out a leaflet to our church members last week, to try to explain all the stories in the media about the CofE, and it was appreciated. Part of local leadership is helping people not to feel undermined by all this stuff, and having the confidence to talk about it during their lunchbreak.

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