Monday, July 28, 2008

Every Passion Blending

Reports all over the place today of the Doctor Who Prom, which managed to combine Whovian geekery with a few well known bits of classical music, some dancing Cybermen, and sundry aliens. No doubt the purists will frown, but it's a great way to get classical music to a different audience. Whoever thought up the idea should get a 2 medals, one for creativity and one for bravery.

The idea of an event which blends two very different passions got me thinking about worship. Obviously, the controlling passion of worship is God, and many cathedrals manage to blend that passion with a passion for high quality choral and classical music. But if that particular blend of worship and culture is possible, then what other blends could work? Historically, we've blended worship with all sorts of art forms, though not (as far as I know) with Doctor Who. An attempt is even being made to blend it with sun-worship, with an inflatable church on an Italian beach (which nearly got blown away by the wind - divine judgement or something else?)

One Fresh Expression of church which seems to do this well is Legacy XS, on the first Fresh Expression DVD, a skatepark/church which encourages the skaters to express their worship through their skating and BMX tricks. I'm reminded of Eric Liddells line in Chariots of Fire "when I run, I feel His pleasure". What other words could we substitute for 'run' - sing, skate, dance, paint, work, serve, calculate, cook, garden, drive........? If we bring our whole lives in worship as a living sacrifice, then it should blend our every passion with our passion for God. Is that what really happens on Sundays.....?


  1. thank you David, that's very encouraging. I find Doctor Who a great source of inspiration, sadly!