Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hire your own Mystery Worshipper

Christian Research has launched 'Church Check', a service which has a mystery worshipper come along and assess your Sunday offering:

Blending into the congregation, the ChurchCheck visitor will carefully assess factors ranging from the state of the noticeboard to the warmth of welcome, from the length of the sermon to the ease of involvement, from the after service conversation to evidence of fair trade. Away from the premises, the visitor completes a preset questionnaire that has been carefully designed by Christian Research and Retail Maxim.

I suppose if your average visitor gives a polite 'nice service vicar' response when asked what they think, it might be a good investment of £60. There are probably some churches where you'd need to pay people £60 merely to get them to go. I once heard of a vicar who, after debating Christianity in the pub with another man, offered him £10 or so to come along to church for the next few weeks then tell him honestly what he thought. It's one way to get them in I suppose......

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