Monday, July 21, 2008

The Noise - Thankyou

A big thankyou to everyone who helped on the refreshment stall at The Noise yesterday. The sun shone on Abbey Manor, though if you were out of the sun but in the wind it got a bit chilly! We must have given away about 1000 pieces of fruit, and at least double that in drinks. So thankyou to David, Tim, Sarah, Caryl, Ian, Bob, Mike, Becky, Marjorie, Shirley, Mike, Sharon and James who would have been there if he'd not been ill.

Brilliant effort from Brympton parish council, local councillor Peter Seib, and Urban Warriors to get the festival happening, and looking at some of the wounds which limped into the first aid tent next door to us, there will be some sore skateboarders today.

(If you're wondering what this is about: The Noise was a community festival on our local park in Abbey Manor, with skate/BMX/blade competitions, live music, lots of stalls, and everything free.)

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