Thursday, July 17, 2008

Questions asked by 11 year olds

... apart from the obvious ones like 'Where's my SATS result?' here are some questions fired at me by a Year 6 group at our local primary school last week.

Why did you want to be a Christian?

What age did you become fully committed to the Christian religion?

What training do you need to be a vicar?

Are your family religious?

Do you have to read the Bible to be a Christian?

What do you think of other religions?

What is involved in being a vicar?

Do you have to be Christened to be a Christian? (good one!)

What is the most important rule to you?

If you were not a Christian, do you think you would be a different person? (brilliant!)

Why are you a Christian, not a Buddhist etc.?

Do you enjoy your commitment?

plus a whole load of others like
'who made God'?
'which day were the dinosaurs created on, because they aren't mentioned in the Bible?'
'who did Adam and Eve's sons marry, as they didn't have any daughters?'
'what do you think heaven will be like?'
'do you belive in the afterlife?' and so on.

We had a fascinating hour, plus a 30m extension as several stayed behind to carry on quizzing me, great fun, a great challenge, and hugely impressed with the thought and quality behind the questions.

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