Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dave Walker updates (updated!!)

Matt Wardman has posted a list of bloggers on the SSG/SPCK/Dave Walker libel threat story, so if you notice someone blogging about this, or blog yourself, then add it to the list at 'My Name is Dave Walker' . Bishop Alan has also posted on this, and the best way to see who else is posting is a Google Blogs search. Roughly 22 at time of this post.

If you want to register your support for Dave, there is now a 'We Support Dave Walker' group on Facebook. If you want to post messages of support there, I'll do my best to pass them on.

From what I hear, Dave is probably not allowed to say anything, which may be why the original post about Mark Brewers 'cease and desist' notice was withdrawn from his website. However, people at the Lambeth conference know what is going on, and folk are dropping in to support him. However, if he's not allowed to talk about it by the gagging order, then it's up to the rest of us to rally support.

As I've said before, it's unlikely that Dave Walker is alone in getting a legal notice, as other websites have been following the SPCK story and posting on it. One of them has suddenly become very cautious.

MadPriest has posted a batch of Dave's posts on SPCK, and recommends that you cut and paste them onto your blog. So has Elizaphanian. I'm not going to do that now, otherwise the Facebook link will disappear off the bottom of the page and nobody will join it.....!!

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