Monday, July 28, 2008

Dave Walker, SPCK, SSG: Monday evening links

A couple of blogs seem to be digging into the detail of the Brewer family dealings, and there's some very interesting stuff there.

Ministry of Truth has copies of all the court papers linked to the Brewers bankruptcy claim. It is strange that, just before filing for bankruptcy, a 5-figure payment seems to have been made to a charity of which a certain person was (according to one commenter) sole trustee. He's done lots of digging around, and has a list of questions which he's emailed to Mark Brewer. Very very interesting.

Asingleblog has summarised some of the M.O.Truth stuff, and has quite a lot of comments with further links and evidence.

Phil Groom has posted an 'Important: Please Read' note on the SPCK/SSG blog, which is pretty good guidance for anyone involved in commenting or blogging about this.

Meanwhile Elizaphanian, who has also recieved a Cease and Desist notice, hasn't desisted and is posting movie reviews to take his mind off things. Is that the sound of a bluff being called?

Finally, there is an SPCK supporters Facebook group, which has more background, if that's what you're after. Might be worth making backup files of those too.....

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