Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Slogan

Following the atheist bus campaign, their Facebook group is looking for other slogans to go on the side of London buses. As one commenter writes: "The slogan used is really pants. Come on people, we can do better."

This is probably the kind of thread Madpriest should be hosting, but you heard the lady. We can do better than 'There probably is no God, now stop worrying and enjoy life.'

And you can probably do better than mine:
"Jesus, probably the best deity in the world"
"There probably is no bus, but step off the kerb and find out for yourself"
"I was enjoying life, then I read Dawkins"
"Look both ways"

good discussion here too.

And of course, this is all a convenient distraction whilst abortion law and embryo research are voted on in the commons today. Update: last minute amendments will make it possible for cloning to be done without consent from donated tissue . These have been thrown in at the last minute, without the chance for proper scrutiny, and they will be voted on today.

The alliance of scientists, biotech enthusiasts and parliamentarians behind the amendments seem to believe that no public case needs to be made for these changes, convinced as they are that cloning is the next big thing in medical research and that the UK has to be the Silicon Valley of this new industry. The dense thicket of over 100 amendments added to the HFE bill provided the perfect opportunity to slip in provisions that would otherwise be extremely controversial.

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