Sunday, October 26, 2008


Great word. What does it mean again?

There's a battle of the long words at the Wardman Wire, where I've posted on Antidisestablishmentarianism in reply to an earlier post about disestablishmentarianism. Have a look and see if we've justified this overuse of the available consonants in the universe.

I just feel better for seeing it down in print. It's worth the debate just for the writing and hearing of the words themselves. At the pub quiz the other night the quizmaster was struggling with a few pronunciations (Seve Ballesteros came out as 'Steve', and we won't mention the Crimean War), so, in true Christian spirit, we called ourselves the Antidisestablishmentarians and hoped we'd get in the top 3 so he'd have to read our names out. We came 2nd. He did quite well, actually.

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