Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Fresh Expressions in Hospital?

I've foolishly agreed to lead a day for a local hospital chaplaincy team, on how 'fresh expressions' thinking might work in a hospital setting.

With restrictions on when hospital porters are available, the chaplaincy has 1 service a week on a Sunday morning, plus bedside visits. There is nothing for younger people, and as yet the chaplaincy is mainly engaging with patients, not staff.

Here are some of their questions:
What is appropriate ecumenical worship for hospitalised traditional churchgoers who want continuity?
Is it appropriate for Christians in the workplace to pray in the workplace? If so, what kind of opportunity might work?
What kind of corporate spiritual experience, if any, could/should we offer to sick people who don't go to church?
How should we best respond to "say one for me, vicar"?

All thoughts and ideas gratefully recieved.....!!!


  1. In response to "say one for me, I always say, "do you want me to pray with you here and now, or later?" (to which the response is mostly, "later") then i ask their name, and say I will, and if I have the opportunity, go back a day or two later to tell them i prayed for them and ask how it's going. Mostly with nothing tangible to report, occasionally you see that it does have its impact upon people just to know they are remembered and cared for. Perhaps that in itself is part of the power of the prayer.

    Don't forget that things you do that you take for granted will be fresh and new to other people. Wasn't it Michael Polanyi who said that you know more than you think you do?

  2. I'm interested to read any outcomes of your discussions. I hope it is a fertile time for ideas and inspiration!