Monday, October 20, 2008

Mission, Money and Membership. And Boxing.

Start the Week highlights a major report on the spending of CofE Mission funding: 'A Review of the Church of Englands Mission Development Funding 2002-7' . £24m has been allocated over the last 5 years, most of it spent on new projects, though the report seems to conclude that, because monitoring of results is patchy, it's hard to draw firm conclusions. Mission funding seems, from anecdotal evidence, to be working, but there is little more than anecdote to go on.

Thursday (I think) sees the publication of the latest CofE attendance stats. 'Latest' being 2007, we're currently in the middle of collecting membership figures for 2008, and have to record how many people come to our services each week in October. It would be really interesting to see how the 12 months from collecting this data to publishing it actually pans out......

Meanwhile, a couple of good examples of local mission this week, clowning vicar Roly Bain is coming to Chilthorne Domer Village Hall at 4pm on Sunday 26th October to help launch 'God4All' a Sunday afternoon all-age service in a local village. All welcome, he really is worth seeing in action.

And Howard Davenport, utterly bonkers pastor of the local Elim Church, is having a boxing match with the proprietor of the Devils Den tatoo parlour. On a bouncy castle. The 'Heaven Versus Hell Smackdown' is on Wednesday at the Orange Box in Yeovil. It's for charity, apparently.

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