Saturday, January 19, 2008

new Touching Base

If you want to find out what Yeovil dentists, the only Devonian who didn't drive past on the other side, and a Tyneside schoolboy who went to Poland to get a better education have in common, have a look at the Wardman Wire later today.

Final Extreme Pilgrim review to follow later.


  1. David, if you want to adjust the position of the Lent Leaflet on the page, just change the date. You can do that by:
    a. going to Dashboard
    b. going to 'Manage posts'
    c. clicking 'edit' beside your original post
    d. At the bottom of your post, clicking 'post options'
    e. When the date appears, changing it to today's date (or any date you want).

  2. woo-hoo! it worked! Thanks Tim, hadn't spotted that little gizmo. This blogging business is just one big learning curve....