Saturday, January 26, 2008

Am I Missing Something:?

This from the Christian Resources Exhibition website:

Gabriel Communicator Sparks New Generation Of Mobile Evangelists
24 January 2008
A new device that could spawn a generation of mobile evangelists will be unveiled at the Heart of England Christian Resources Exhibition next month (21-23 Feb 08).

The tiny Gabriel Communicator from Txttouch, which can be placed in a backpack or handbag, uses Bluetooth technology to beam text messages to all mobile phones within a 100-metre radius.

'Bible verses or even digital gospel tracts can be sent to local mobile phones from this device.' explains Txttouch managing director Nicholas Maguire, who has been involved in Church leadership for nearly 15 years. 'This is a culturally relevant way to contact people regardless of their age.'

Ok it may use up to date technology, but that doesn't make it culturally relevant. Unsolicited texts and emails are a great pestilence to mobile users, and all the more irritating if they turn out to be Bible verses rather than a free muffin at Starbucks. THIS WILL PUT EVERYONE WITHIN 100 METRES OFF CHRISTIANITY and once everyone twigs to what's going on, look out. I wouldn't want to be surrounded to a depth of 100 metres by people I'd simultaneously ticked off all at the same time.

Avoid this like the plague. It will not make you a mobile evangelist. It will make you a nuisance.

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