Saturday, January 26, 2008

Consumer church

Very interesting post, 'we're all customers now' on the way the Anglican church has changed over the last generation, by a blogging vicar who's been around a bit longer than I have, and communicates well the sense of bewilderment at how church, culture, the role of the priest, and everything else, has changed.

On consumerism, here's a video clip (tried and failed to embed it here, sorry folks)I'm planning to use in a talk tomorrow on cultural change. King of the Hill is an excellent cartoon, and this great clip reflects perfectly the way church has become a consumer experience we shop around for, rather than a community we're part of. It also shows in a couple of perfect little snapshots some of the things which people find so alienating about our ways of worshipping.

Hank "That place is too big. What's that megachurch got, 5,000 members?"
Peggy (approvingly) "Yes, and it pampers all of them

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