Monday, January 07, 2008

Be a Better Debtor

The Church of England has produced a helpful new resource for people in debt, timed for the post-Christmas financial reckoning. At a time when 8m of us owe over £10,000, and 2m people don't even know how much debt they're in, debt is one of those icebergs that sinks a lot of people, and many more in an economic downturn.

The main resource page is here, with a 1-page 60 second questionnaire here to work out how much debt you're in and how big a problem it is. The resource page has lots of useful links, a powerpoint presentation ready to use in church or any sort of meeting, tips on saving money and wise budgeting, and some case studies.

The Ugley Vicar got there first. Meanwhile Jeremy Clarkson, who published his bank details in the Sun to make the point that we shouldn't get so worried about the Inland Revenue losing our personal data, has been eating his words after finding that someone had used the info to donate £500 of Clarksons money to charity.

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