Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lent Resources 1

Various links to Lent resources:

The Methodist church have just launched a 'buy less' credit card for lent, full story here.

The Shaver of Mustard Seeds has a couple of good ideas.

If you want some prayers to use daily or weekly in Lent, have a look at this site. There's nothing quite like praying the same prayer for 40 days to get it into your bones.

Embody has some great ideas, not the usual sort of Lent stuff, around the theme of God, friends and enemies.

Churches together in Britain and Ireland have produced an interesting study resource, Pathways of Prayer, which explores different prayer traditions over the 6 weeks of Lent, and is linked in to some BBC programming during Lent. There are online group study notes for each week, Lenten daily readings, and links to sites on discipleship and spiritual seeking. Good resource.

CRI/Voice, who I'd never heard of (but then that goes for 99.9% of US religious organisations) have an excellent page on Lenten symbolism and practices. Unfortunately the link to daily readings hasn't been updated to 2008.

Finally Barnabas in Churches has lots of ideas for Lent - worship, school assemblies, practical things to do, and has a resouce 'A-Cross the World' looking at the cross in 40 different cultures and various stories from Christians in those places. Helpfully, the images of the crosses are available online for you to copy and use. Here's one of them.

In a couple of days I may post the text from a Lent leaflet we did last year, with a brief introduction to Lent and suggestions for what people might take up/give up.

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