Saturday, January 12, 2008

666, 42, and the meaning of life

Ruth Gledhill has spotted that a parliamentary motion to disestablish the Church of England has been assigned the number 666. The best explanation I've heard of what the 'number of the beast' stands for (apart from the one equating it with Ronald Reagan), explains it in terms of Hebrew number symbolism:
6 = the number of man (created on the 6th day)
3 = the number of God (e.g. 'holy, holy, holy')
So 666 = man trying to be God whether the Caesars of New Testament times, or the current Korean dictatorship, each is a manifestation of the same spirit, all of which in turn goes back to the first words of the devil '...and you will be like God'

Whilst we're on the subject, you don't need a brain the size of a planet to work out why the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42.
6 = the number of man
7 = the number of perfection (creation completed on the 7th day and 'very good')
42 = 6x7, a perfect man.

....and we all know who that is...


  1. Ford Prefect is the perfect man, right?

    Also, 6+6+6=18 the number for life. Whereas, 6+1+6, which we all know is the real number of the beast equals 13 and we all know that 13 is very bad.

    A fellow hitchhiker,


    PS - Clicked here from MP's site

  2. Hi Rowan
    Prefect= perfect, I get that. Ford = man? If he's the perfect Ford that makes him the perfect crossing point for a river (symbol for death), or a very good American industrialist. Hmmm...! I was thinking of someone else, but you probably knew that!

    I'm sure someone told me once why 13 was unlucky, but can't remember why. doesn't have any conclusive answers either.