Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Transfer Window is Still Open

One head coach is apparently still looking for new players, of any ability and background.

The full transfer price has already been paid up front. There are no hidden charges, intermediaries or agents fees.

All kit is provided, including footwear.

The coach has a keen eye for potential, watching all prospective players from their first kick. He knows their game inside out, even how they think, and knows exactly which part in the team they would be best in.

The team goal is world domination, but oddly enough, losing is one of the key team tactics, and is surprisingly effective.

All team members are signed up for life, there's even a chance to become immortals of the game.

Full-time one to one mentoring is provided by the team captian, however there is a large amount of group work, much of it in groups of two or three, which the captain personally attends.

The opportunity is open until the final whistle. However, nobody, not even the team captian, knows when that will sound.

PS Apologies to those who've already had enough of cheesy football metaphors.


  1. Footwear? If the captain you have in mind is the one I'm thinking of I seem to remember an instruction about 'no sandals' in Luke 10:4 which I take to mean go barefoot, unprotected, feel the ground. And a few other places where 'take off your shoes' is the message. Oh - maybe you're thinking of the shoes of the gospel of peace mentioned in Ephesians 6:15?

  2. It was the metaphor I thought it would be, but less cheesy than I feared - see for a proper example of cheesiness.
    I'm not sure I get it all though. The captain is Jesus, yes? What's the group work in twos and threes? And the final whistle is the day of judgement, right?