Wednesday, September 07, 2011


I've got so used to stuff that's offensive to Christians, or just plain offensive, getting past the censors that it's quite a shock to find the Advertising Standars Authority actually banning an advert that uses a winking 'Jesus' to plug a 'miraculous' deal.

Better late than never, the judgement seems to have just been issued, even though the advert came out in April, and was aimed at the Easter season, but the company which produced it withdrew it fairly quickly after complaints.

Just makes me wonder if sometimes Christians are guilty of misusing Jesus in marketing too. I imagine Jesus is even more bothered about being associated with stuff like this than with a mobile phone company.

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  1. This just looks like a joke to me? the phones4u adverts get on my nerves anyway, "quirky" with no apparent point in being so.

    Ironically I think this particular image was originally a statue that mocked fake "plastic" money grabbing Christianity so often seen in the USA.

    Totally agree about some Christian ad's but (as an atheist) not because of a fear of being offended, simple hypocrisy does it for me, i.e. if I can't take it, I shouldn't dish it out etc.