Saturday, September 10, 2011

Breaking up marriages for a quick buck: Global Personals.

Too much on to blog today, instead please read this. It's about an online dating site which specifically targets married people, encouraging them to have affairs, and a campaign to get them to stop.

from the link:
I think your company, Global Personals is involved in toxic work. So, I am asking people who reads this letter and agrees with me to phone your offices and ask to speak to your senior colleagues to tell them about how affairs have affected their friends or family and to ask you to withdraw your adverts. We want you to withdraw your adverts and agree to not publicly advertise these kind of websites again.

Although we want people to be polite and reasonable when they contact you, we do want you to know that we are serious about this. If you choose to try and disrupt marriages to make money then we will try to disrupt your business. Your adverts are helping to poison our communities. We want to show that belief in strong relationships and commitment is as powerful as your aim to make money by creating misery for families and children.

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  1. There are fewer and fewer things I feel really shocked about, but this is one. It is shocking. Though I guess it's on a level with drug-dealing, or perhaps serving alcohol to the inebriated.
    Google's unofficial motto, Do no evil, seemed very minimalistic and was mocked, but hey, there could be a worse corporate motto.