Tuesday, September 06, 2011

That Thing We Don't Talk About

Ht Tim Chester, whose version of this pic is slightly larger and easier to read.

Chatting to someone the other day, they mentioned a computer app developed by XXXChurch, which monitors your internet use and sends a report on the sites you've visited to a group of people you've chosen (and vice versa). It's a good way to stay accountable and honest in an area that's usually very private and secretive.


  1. The problem is much wider than internet porn though David. Having retuned our TVs as a result of the digital switch over I was staggered at the number of adult channels that appeared in the channel list.

  2. Agreed - our TV keeps losing all the channels, so every time it retunes I have to trawl through uninstalling all the porn channels. For me that includes the music video channels too.

  3. I don't watch TV in Swanage but was back in Yeovil recently and was surpriaed at the dodgy spiritual stuff on that night. A family on BBC three were off to see a phsycic which I felt uneasy watching so I channel-hopped up and stumbled across a programme where people call the station for £1.50 a min to have their fortunes told with tarrat cards and crystal balls etc - seriously?!?! So I channel hoped away from that to. In the end I ended up listening to Five Live as I do at home in Swanage, but listening to it from a telly not a radio.