Thursday, September 08, 2011

Top 10 Tips for Welcome

Having had a dig at marketing yesterday, there might still be one or two things we can learn from it..... Found this very snappy little vid on the Baptist Union website. The site has some great resources on mission and what they call 'crossing places' - places where the church engages the community on the community's terms, rather than on church turf.

A couple of other recommended bits from the website:
'Mission scene' newsletter - subscription here - a brilliant bit of work, lots of resources, ideas, links to mission initatives, training opportunities, ideas etc. I read it from one end to the other whenever it appears, which can't be said for most e-newletters I get!!

Mission Files - brief papers on a myriad of aspects of mission, and there's a full index with a brief description of each paper here. This is the kind of stuff that's scattered across dozens of diocesan websites in the CofE, so a huge well done to the Baptists for putting it all in one place, in such a well organised and accessible way.

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