Thursday, September 22, 2011

Christian New Media Awards 2011

The finalists for the Christian new media awards have been unveiled, with the awards presented on Oct 14th. There's several categories: best blog, best new blog, best leadership and under-25s blog, best websites for large and small churches, best use of new media in evangelism and social action, and best mobile web use.

Good to see Vernacular Curate/Vicar in there, along with The Redeemed Mind, worship leader Vicky Beeching, and Science and Belief. The Road to Elder ado shows you can get on the list with quality rather than quantity, and I love this post at Lay Anglicana, another finalist, on alternative functions for bishops. Finger in all the Pies is good too, manages to keep blog posts to a readable length, unlike me!!

But hey, rather than me list them all, go and have a browse.

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