Monday, November 09, 2009

Blue Christmas Resources & Liturgy

One of the top search terms to this site in the last few weeks has been 'Blue Christmas', a Christmas service run in some places for those who find Christmas a difficult time. I posted on this a couple of weeks back, and here are some more links.

Full order of service by Thom Shuman, who seems to have Iona connections, including some nice rituals to use at different points in the service.

More traditional Anglican-type order from Hawaii, good use of light and candles, includes hymn words, could be printed out as it is as a complete service sheet. More notes on it here. Love the site name 'strong centre, open doors'. Great.

article from United Church news, with some personal stories.

Great resource page from a Methodist district with a number of links, suggestions for songs, and connected resources. Well worth a look. They have lots of other resources for Christmas too.

Roman Catholic version here.

Another collection at textweek, need to scroll down a page or so. Monster resources site.

Several places also call it a 'longest night service', it would be interesting to see if Christmas, rather than All Souls/Saints, becomes the more natural time of the year for remembering those who have died, for those who aren't so shaped by the rhythms of the church calendar.

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