Friday, November 06, 2009

Wikio Top Religious Blogs November 2009 (i.e. October 2009!)

Wikio have just updated their top blogs for data to the end of October, here are the blogs in the top 250 with a significant 'religious' content:

23 Archbishop Cranmer
79 Heresy Corner
100 The hermeneutic of continuity
117 What does the prayer really say? (which is currently the top 'Religion' blog according to Technorati)
125 Bartholemews Notes on Religion
136 Thinking Anglicans
137 St. Aidan to Abbey Manor
166 Gates of Vienna. trust me, you don't want to go there.
191 Anglican Mainstream. Not a blog, but there you go.
194 the Ugley Vicar good to see John Richardson in there, very thoughtful blog.
201 Catholic and Loving It! not, surprisingly, a blog run by Forward in Faith. Or at least not yet.
212 Islam in Europe
231 Virtue Online.
232 Of course I could be wrong. Madpriest will be so peeved at being one below VO.
249 John Smeaton, SPUC director. Is that like 'Ace Ventura, Pet Detective'? Or not...
665 The Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley. Ok it's not top 250, but I like it.

it has to be said that craft blogs about cards, cupcakes and knitting are taking over like a virus.

Another thing I don't understand is that 'Sport' gets its own category, despite having no sites in the top 200. What's that about?


  1. I'm down again to 886. I'm in freefall!

  2. So you double your average hits, make the Times and the ranking goes down...
    I'm thinking the answer may be to hide the website completely and see if it goes up!