Saturday, November 14, 2009

Street Pastors - the Blessing of Boris

Nice story in Christian Today about the Street Pastors national conference this week, addressed by Boris Johnson.

He said: “We can’t just transform the physical infrastructure because that’s not what really counts. What counts is the human capital of London.
“It’s the young people of London that we need to invest in if this city is to lengthen its lead as the greatest city on Earth.

“Street Pastors are already doing what you can and I think it is high time London knew more about what you did and the whole of London followed your example.”

Mr Johnson admitted that red tape was making it “too difficult to do good” for many organisations, including Street Pastors, but said he had no difficulty with Christian organisations sharing their faith through their work.

“Faith groups who want to slip in the odd cogent message in favour of salvation, I have absolutely no problem with that. Why not!” he quipped.

“That’s one of the things I think has been going wrong in the last few years – we’ve got a slightly politically correct super-sensitivity to anything remotely cast as religious advocacy. I’ve got no difficulty with it whatsoever.”

We've had getting on for 20 applications to be Street Pastors in our second intake, which could take our numbers up towards the 50 mark, enabling us to do both Friday and Saturday nights, but we'll have to see how the interviews go first.

What we need alongside them is prayer pastors - we already have a dedicated group of folk who pray from 10pm - 4am on Saturday nights, we just need a few more!

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