Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mission 21 quotes and notes, part 1

Just got back from the Mission 21 conference in Bath, failed miserably to make friends with the wifi provision, a problem fellow tweeters and bloggers don't seem to have had.

I'll probably blog about it later, once I've caught up with everything else which needs doing. In the meantime, the conference site has done a good job of staying up to date with things, there's a few video clips etc. on there, and the promise of some of the presentations being available on download.

In the meantime, a few quotes:
"It's more fun making babies than building coffins" (Martin Atkins, Methodis gen sec)

on the lack of growth in mainstream churches “the diet we’ve been expected to live on week by week has not been sufficient to keep us alive.” (Atkins)

"we live in a little Christian gekko" (I'm not going to name names for this one!!)

“No matter how good church is, it’s still a bridge too far to invite most of my friends to it.” (Steve Hollinghurst, I think)

“too many people are sold Chrsitianity as a trip on a cruise liner, and then are horrified when at the docks they find they’re boarding a battleship”. (John Wimber)

“What does God want to say to me through the person who I’m about to disagree with?” (Graham Horsley)

"The gospel is the seed which contains the church" (Graham Cray)

“one of the loneliest places in England is the church” (Pastor Emmanuel, Nigerian church planter)

“one of the big enemies of discipleship is fast church growth, maybe we should grow slower.” (Steve Hollinghurst)

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