Saturday, November 14, 2009

'Good' UK Religion Blogs - an appeal

I've found myself in correspondence with someone at a well-known blog ranking/reporting service over whether they need to have a 'Religion' category to go alongside the other ones they use. He asked me the question:

"how many good Religion blogs do you think there are in the UK? Ones that are active and publish on a regular basis?"

My guess is that there are hundreds, I seem to come across new ones every week, and could probably list around 100 given a couple of spare hours. So, here's your Comments challenge for the weekend: can you name me between 5 and 10 good blogs which would fall into the 'religion' category? Urls as well please, then I can cut and paste the lot and forward them on.


  1. You've probably got all these in mind already, but I'd suggest

    Sally Coleman's Eternal Echoes -

    Banksyboy's St Peter's View -

    Mootblog -

    Sam Norton's Elizaphanian -

    Mike Peatman's "Purple Words"

  2. Mouse follows over 100 'good' religious blogs, and they're just the Christian (mainly Anglican ones). Wikio told Mouse they were thinking about introducing a religion category some time ago, and would love to see it introduced.

    I'll drop you an email with a good selection (too many to post here)

  3. Thanks Mouse, it is indeed wikio we're talking about, one of their issues seems to be verifying that blogs are a) UK based and b) fall into the right category. They only have 5 specialist categories at the moment, and there are more religious blogs in their top 200 than, for example, sport.

  4. Filey Parish Blog http;//,is aimed at Everyman in the parish

  5. I'll give this a bit of thought, but clearly we read a lot of the same UK blogs

  6. Doug - agreed, my initial top few would have been ones that pretty much everyone had heard of, but most of us probably have a few less well known blogs that aren't among the usual suspects.

    For example, most of my contacts are either in the Anglican or mission worlds. If there is a slew of good Catholic (or even Anglo-Catholic) blogs, I'm not really aware of them. I've only clocked some of the Anglo ones in the last few months (e.g. Ed Tomlinson).

  7. > They only have 5 specialist categories at the moment, and there are more religious blogs in their top 200 than, for example, sport.

    In general they let you self-categorise, but only in one category.

    Where's the balance between religious ghetto, and integration into the wider community, in this?


  8. On the Anglo-Catholic side, Ancient Richborough, is interesting - even had my old vicar on it

  9. Good question Matt. Technorati allows you to be in up to 4 categories, so you can specialise, but also be visible in a wider selection of blogs. And actually Wikio publish their lists in the 5 'specialist' categories, whilst the 'general' catch-all listing isn't quite so easy to find. So I guess a 'religion' category would separate out religious blogs from the main listing, in terms of how we appeared, rather than keep the present mixed bag. Hmmm, have to think about that one!!