Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mission Resources from the Baptist Church

Update: one Baptist blogger asks, 'what is our Baptist mission strategy'? In the light of one response I got to this post on Twitter, a problem might reside in the nature of the Baptist Union - is it possible to have a mission strategy for a voluntary union which doesn't see itself as the 'Baptist Church' with a big C? The response in question said I couldn't talk about the Baptist Church, because such a body didn't exist.

Every now and then I wander over to the Baptist Union site, and it's always worthwhile. Here's a few places to find some good mission resources:

Crossing places - stories of outreach through 'neutral territory' ministry, rather than staying in the church shouting ever louder for people to come in. Lots of great stories - football club chaplaincies, evangelism at the hairdressers, parish nursing, etc.

Selection of concise and easy to use pdf's on mission and church planting, covering strategy, ecumenism, new housing. Part of a larger mission files section, with lots of helpful stuff, from Inflatable Church (?) to youth work, seasonal ideas, toolbox for small churches, etc.

I really like the Mission Department newsletter - like a bigger version of Start the Week - and have emailed them to ask if I can get it by email. Has a good roundup of the resources and initiatives going on for Christmas.

Note to Anglicans: if you're in the national CofE, there's some good stuff here to copy/link to. If you're involved in a Diocese, see if you can get your mission deparment to link to some of this stuff, rather than reinventing the wheel by writing it themselves.

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  1. Did you see that I have contributed to 'Crossing Places'?

    It seems there is hope for cutting edge mission with the UK church in most denominations. We've got to keep pushing the boundaries!