Monday, November 23, 2009

Memes: De-Christian, Deeply Troubling, and De-Dum De-Dum

Joe Haward has published a summary of the responses to his 'De-Christian Doctrine' meme which swam the oceans of the blogosphere a couple of weeks ago.

But he's now infected by the meme flu, so I've been tagged with this one
Here are some of the things that Jesus said that I find really hard to read. And thinking about it, I have never heard anyone speak or preach from these passages. This might be a good meme... what words from Jesus do you struggle with?

I'll have to decide whether it's the words I find hard to understand/agree with, or the ones I find hard to obey. As someone once said, it's not the bits of the Bible I don't understand that I struggle with, it's the bits I do understand.....More later.

At the same time the venerable Phil Ritchie has tagged me with the memorable musical moments meme:
Think of eight memorable musical moments, not necessarily all time favourites, but those when, for example, you felt compelled to wait in the car when listening to this amazing song on the radio because you just had to know who it was by. Or the piece you heard on the tv in a drama that drove you straight onto iTunes to download... (remember once we spent the princely sum of 6s 8d on a vinyl single?!). Optional details for each song give where, why and Spotify or youtube links ...

One or two come to mind, we'll see how busy this week gets first.....!! Earliest mmm is 'Life's been Good' by Joe Walsh on my parents tranny (= transistor radio, not transvestite), and a couple of very strange tracks on the John Peel show.

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