Monday, November 02, 2009

Bookshops for Sale, ex-SPCK

Phil Groom reports that some of the former SPCK bookshop premises are now up for sale, as the Charity Commissioners go about the process of selling assets of what used to be The Society of St. Stephen the Great (SSG). SSG, as regular readers may recall, was taken over by the Commissioners earlier this year, and a settlement reached with former staff who had been unfairly dismissed.

At least 2 shops are up for sale. Durham remains the only shop in operation by the Brewer brothers, the SSG owners (now trading under a new name in a ruse to avoid paying their creditors). It's still odd that the CC haven't taken Durham over as well, but the Cathedral have given notice on the shop, so it will be closed by April 2010 whatever happens, and hopefully reopened under newer and better management.

Having said that, there may not be many assets to realise at Durham, as a look at the shelves (above) reveals. However, if you're after a 2nd hand car, keep an eye out for this one. Coming soon to an auction near you.

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