Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You and Whose (Barmy) Army?

Think of the top users of new media, and cricket commentator Jonathan Agnew wouldn't automatically spring to mind. However, with the aid of 22000 followers on Twitter, 'Aggers' succeeded in extracting an apology from an Observer journalist who made some off-colour remarks about Agnews' interview with Lily Allen at the weekend.

Article here with more details.

After spending just over a month on Twitter, Aggers now has an army of 22,000 followers, many of whom will, as it were, go into bat for him.

Clearly, Twitter is now the shot heard around the world, whether it's Lance Armstrong commenting on his team mate or Jordan venting. And such is its power to make mass contacts, magnetise crowds and apply lobby pressure that any fuss can be over inside 24 hours without a physical blow being struck.

My own attempt at use of new media to apply pressure to the media is (so far) less succesful. A few more members for 'Lets have the 2013 Ashes on Free TV' would be lovely.

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  1. Inane twicket banter, almost as good as the old technology in covering the game.