Wednesday, August 26, 2009


A few things worth a look elsewhere

Coping with Depression in the Church, good series at Dream Awakener.

Unfinished Christian on the BBC sports reporter who keeps Sunday special.

The Shiny Headed Prophet is on the receiving end of some encouraging swearing at his local pub.
The BBC reports that multitaskers are bad at multitasking. So stop writing that tweet, put the phone down and read this properly.

Shallowfrozenwater has uncovered a cracking spoof video on Youth Ministers. If you're advertising a youth minister post, just send this out instead of a job description. Brilliant.

Church Mouse has the complete and definitive (for 24hours at least) list of twittering clergy in the CofE.

Gary Alderson investigates what 'SSM' might stand for, and wonders why we don't sing about finding God in our computer.

Holy heteroclite summarises a Barna survey on US pastors, and some pretty horrific stats on burnout, dropout and fallout. Even if you're not into stats, it's worth visiting the blog for the Keanu Reeves kung fu origami Matrix vid in the top corner.

Heavens Highway has some thoughts on Lockerbie, whilst Nick Baines wonders aloud whether the US has the right to protest about injustice, given its own track record.

Great cellphone prayer from naked pastor.

As the SPCK/SSG blog registers its 150,000th hit, Matt Wardman writes on the Revenge of Lilliput, and what lessons can be learnt from the online campaign in support of former SPCK staff and shops.

Richard Frank has a great idea for how to describe your church to outsiders.

And if you're a fan of link roundups, this is a good list at Clayboy.

By the way, you may have noticed a couple of tweaks in the sidebar here:
- subscription button
- search facility, so that you can search the archive
- 'followers' section: everyone else seems to have one, so please sign up to make me feel loved.

At some stage I might try to add a fuller list of links, as there are lots of sites - both blogs and resource sites, that I used to link to before I changed Blogger template and lost them all.

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